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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


In centuries old Port wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, WOW pays homage to the region, and shines a light on the most important Portuguese industries and traditions. But WOW is more than museums, it is an entire district full of new and exciting things to do, explore, and learn. Seven museum experiences, twelve restaurants, shops, a temporary exhibition space, an events space and a wine school.

The Wine Experience

Dedicated to both amateur and experienced wine enthusiasts, the Wine Experience aims to demystify wine.

Planet Cork

Planet Cork reveals a surprising industry, and the reasons why Portugal is the largest producer of cork on the planet.

Porto Region Across the Ages

The first and only museum pertaining to the history of the city of Porto. PRATA is an excellent starting point to understand the heritage and people of Porto.

The Chocolate Story

A journey through the amazing world of chocolate, from its origins in Central America, following it as it grows, is harvested and transformed into chocolate.

The Bridge Collection

The story of the evolution of humanity, told through drinking vessels. An extraordinary journey through time, from the earliest civilisations to the present day.

Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum

Fashion & Fabric pays homage to a major industry in Portugal. It underlines the achievements, immortalises timeless brands, and gives a voice to emerging talents.

The Pink Palace

A fun experience that will immerse you in a vibrant pink world. The extravagant settings call for photographic clicks and the wine tastings help you understand the diversity of rosé wine.


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