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Restaurant "Armazém do Peixe Afurada"

The “Armazém do Peixe” opened its doors in 2017 and floods the heart of Afurada, riverside area of ​​the city of Vila Nova de Gaia with freshness, the aroma of the sea and frenzy.

Erected from the ruins of an old fishing net warehouse belonging to the men of the old Gaiense village, the “name” and the building that give life to this Restaurant was born.

A huge, airy building, full of natural light with an inviting terrace next to the river and the fishing port, open-air bar with garden, private parking, was designed to become a reference in the local panorama.

The owner, Rodrigo Crespo, a former fisherman, born in Afurada, has always had a strong connection to the sea and fish, as a result of his profession, and his family's activity linked to fishing and the commercialization of fish and shellfish.

With his knowledge, he decided to create a new space, modern, with class, but respecting tradition, honoring the heritage of his ancestors, linked to this land and the sea and becoming a reference for those who come to Afurada looking for a gastronomic experience of choice, especially fresh fish and seafood.

Armazém do Peixe Afurada Largo Padre Joaquim de Araújo 311, 4400-434 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


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